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New Year Resolution. New Feet.

As the new year starts many people are kicking off the year with exercise programs and healthy eating, so why not add foot care to your list this year. Our team shares foot care tips such as exercises, stretches and strengthening movements to help improve your foot health. 

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Are There Benefits to Foot Care Programs?

Foot Care programs can be the answer to all of your foot pain and foot ailment problems. In this blog we cover the top benefits of a foot care program along with some foot care exercises to add to your daily routine.

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Plantar Fasciitis…Can It Be Prevented?

Can plantar fasciitis be prevented? Is it only caused by my shoes? Is it a genetic disorder? The answer to all of these questions is “It could be.” Typically Plantar fasciitis begins gradually as a dull, intermittent pain in the heel and progresses to sharp, persistent pain. Read more about the causes, treatment and prevention of plantar fasciitis.

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Fall Foot Care for Foot Pain Relief

Do you think about foot care? Most people do not, but long days on your feet, your shoes, genetics and more are typical things that can lead to foot pain. Proper foot care can keep common foot ailments from escalating to severe foot pain or to a point where surgery is the only solution.

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Flip Flops - pros and cons of this simple shoe

Flip flops used to be a simple, cheap summer shoe that gave you a bit of protection from rough or hot surfaces, but more recently, they have become the footwear of choice for many.  You can't blame them, with all the fancy styles, eye catching shades, and even corporate logos. But these shoes were never meant to be someone's primary shoes.    So what are the pros and cons of flip flops? On the positive side, they do offer some protection for the soles of your feet when walking around on the sand at the beach, or on hot concrete...

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