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Hammertoe and Foot Pain

Posted by James Leuty on

A hammertoe is when the foot is deformed along the second, third or the fourth toe. The deformity occurs when the toe becomes crooked and bent in the center joint which causes it to resemble a hammer in shape. Hammertoes are still flexible in the beginning stages.

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Hammertoe, what is it and how do you treat it

Posted by Eva Nemcik on

Hammertoe is a condition in which the toe deforms and bends downward from the center joint which makes it look like a hammer. Hammertoes will typically start as a mild inconvenience but will eventually evolve into something more severe. These afflicted toes are usually flexible in the beginning, and symptoms can be managed if treated shortly after discovery of the problem, but without treatment, the toe will become more rigid and may require surgical treatment.Hammertoe is often caused by our footwear, especially by those who wear high heels as they make the toes overlap one another and bend up. Anyone...

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