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About Us

The simple product known as Happy Feet, The Original Foot Alignment Sock was developed and patented by Eva Nemcik in 2010.  A few years before that, Eva had retired from her career in research and development of products for a major company. She wanted to be active and enjoy her life by participating in a variety of activities such as yoga, tennis, hiking and more.  But the more active she tried to be, the more her feet were holding her back.

She started researching the best non-surgical ways to eliminate foot pain and found that many of the common foot ailments come from misalignment of the toes. Using her expertise, she created these unique socks. She designed her foot alignment socks to separate, stretch and align the toes the way nature had intended.  This would minimize the harmful effects of daily foot stress due to improper, narrow and  confining footwear. Daily walking, standing, running, jogging or other activities impose tremendous demand on our feet. Eva likes to refer to her socks as the high heal antidote.