Foot pain relief exercises - Part 1

Foot pain can be caused by all sorts of things. From standing for long periods to wearing tight or ill fitting shoes. Today, we would like to share two simple exercises that will get you started on the road to pain free feet. The first is a simple Calf Stretch. Wearing shoes with raised heals shortens calf muscles and the plantar fascia. To do this exercise, simply put the front part of your foot up on a slightly raised surface, and allow your heals to lower. Remember to keep your knees straight, and your feet pointed forward.  A great way to remember...

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Do you suffer from hallux valgus?

It is a medical term that you probably have never heard of, but it's more commonly known as a bunion. Hallux refers to the big toe, and Valgus is a term meaning an outward angle. Bunions are caused when the big toe shifts and points towards the other toes.  This causes the metatarsal bone to protrude on the inner side of the foot.  When this bone shifts this way, it starts to rub on the inside of shoes and causes swelling and eventually leads to more bone to form at the joint, compounding the issue. While there is some research...

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Where has summer gone?

As we are soon entering into September, the kids have gone back to school, the buses are on the road and many people will be going back to their fall wardrobe including warmer boots and shoes. Were you active during the summer, out running, hiking, or playing sports like tennis, and enjoying some time outside in the fresh air? Or maybe you were taking it easy wearing their flip flops at the beach, or hanging out on your boat. While these activities are very different from one another, they can all lead to various types of foot pain. Either from...

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