Foot Pain Exercises - Part 2

Continuing our last post, we are featuring some additional exercises from Katy Bowman* which are sure to help your tired, achy feet.

The fist is a Double Calf Stretch. Proper form for double calf stretch. Tightness in the backs of your legs can adversely affect the alignment of your pelvis, leading to problems with the pelvic floor as well as the spine and shoulders. Feet and knees straight, see if you can get the lower back to look less like a camel (with a hump) and more like a shallow bowl.

Our second exercise is a Top of Foot Stretch.
Stretch out the muscles and tendons that get stuffed into tight fitting shoes, by laying down the top of your foot behind you. Start with the toe nails, and roll the foot forward bringing the ankle toward the ground.

Our final tip for this month from Katy is our favorite. That is to wear My-HappyFeet Socks! She suggests in her book "Every Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief" to just wear them like indoor slippers, or wear them when you go to bed to stretch out your aching foot muscles as all-night-long foot therapy.

*Katy Bowman, MS, is the bio-mechanical scientist who created the Aligned and Well(tm) system of exercises, and prescriptive DVD series. She is a best seller author of her recent book "Move your DNA"

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