What to do for foot pain caused by overuse

Many times general foot pain is caused by general overuse and as you are probably well aware, it is important that you are wearing the right footwear. This includes the proper inserts to give your feet the support they need. If foot pain is severe, it is best to visit a doctor or podiatrist.  They can provide a course of treatment as well as medications and even surgery if the situation calls for it. Another option would be a physical therapist who may be able to help reduce foot pain while allowing you to still be able to enjoy daily activities.

If the pain is not too intense or as a supplemental process to a doctor's care, the following are some practices and items to try for your foot pain:

Hot and cold treatment.

Ice pack to relieve foot painIf your feet are painful and swollen, hot and cold treatments can help. The cold packs are able to relieve the swelling while also numbing the joints that are in pain. Cold can work well with heat for feet that ache. You can go back and forth, alternating between hot, cold, and break periods every 10 minutes for best results.


This issue cannot be stressed enough. Since you wear shoes every time you leave the house, they need to be comfortable and accommodating for your condition. No cramped shoes and high heels for a while; choose wide toes, low heels and shoes that have ample arch support.

Foot Alignment Socks

There are a number of different causes of foot pain and a variety of ways to give yourself relief, but the simplest of all is a sock for plantar fasciitis. These socks help to keep the toes aligned and in the right place, which can help with both hammertoe and bunions alike. Not only this, but by stretching the toes, it is able to release tension in the heel and in the arch of the foot, making it perfect for easing the pain of plantar fasciitis. Because it is a sock, you do not have to do anything additional to use. Instead, all you have to do is slip on the sock while you are relaxing or sleeping to experience the relief.

Orthotic devices.

Foot orthoticsThese are usually heel inserts, foot pads or other removable devices that make moving around simpler and less painful by providing the proper support for your feet. Often times they can be found at a local pharmacy or at a specialty shoe store.  If you have special issues, custom orthotic insoles can be made by a specialty shoe store, your physical therapist or doctor. These sorts of items are helpful for a variety of foot problems such as:

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoe or claw toe
  • Heel pain
  • Morton's neuroma
  • Plantar fasciitis

Additionally, the use of foot alignment socks in conjunction with orthotics can be especially effective.  The orthotic helps you to stay aligned during the day while you are wearing shoes, and the toe or foot alignment socks can help to open up and release tension throughout the foot while you relax at night.


A foot rub is more than just relaxing; when you have an ailment of the foot, it can be crucial in the swift healing of your issue. Massages are able to reduce tension Foot massage ballin your muscles, improve upon blood circulation and help to relieve the pain. You can get a professional massage, an amateur one by someone you love or massage your own feet. Using your hands is one way to do it, kneading your entire foot with a warm oil or lotion. You can use your knuckles or your thumbs. You can use tools such as rollers that can help you by rolling your feet over them. A tennis ball can even be used as a makeshift roller. 



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