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Charcoal Color Foot Alignment Socks

  • 1995

Do you find yourself avoiding certain activities because of your chronic foot pain?

Regardless of whether you suffer from sore feet due to hammer toes, bunions, crooked toes or overlapping toes, you deserve relief. Foot cramps can often be associated with plantar fasciitis or improper toe alignment, and The Original Foot Alignment Socks have been designed to change that.

Our charcoal-colored, foot alignment socks are made out of a soft and durable acrylic blend material with an open front. Along the toes are four toe separators that gradually and gently realign the toes to reduce your foot pain. No matter the cause of foot pain, you can get relief from achy feet or general pain in your feet and get back to doing the things you enjoy sooner. Designed for use after hours, these charcoal socks should be worn while relaxing and can be worked into extended periods and evening during sleep.

Charcoal Color foot alignment socks are available in Small (Unisex 4-6), Medium (Unisex 7-9) Large (Unisex size 10-13) and Extra Large (Unisex 14+). Socks are stretchy so they will accommodate a range of overlapping sizes.

Materials: 90% Cotton, 7% Polyester, 3% Elastane

What size should I order?

Small Size - Unisex 4-6 = Women's 4-6, Men's 2-4

Medium Size - Unisex 7-9 = Women's 7-9, Men's 5-8 

Large Size - Unisex 10-13 = Women's 10-13, Men's 9-12

Extra Large Size - Unisex 14+ = Women's 14+, Men's 13+

Foot alignment socks are stretchy so they will accommodate a range of overlapping sizes.

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United States
  • What foot pain issue are you trying to improve? Pain in my arches and toes...sometimes stabbing pains in many parts of both feet.
Surprisingly Effective

My foot pain is much relieved since I began using these socks. The only thing I've done so far to relieve my foot paint are Happy Feet socks, after months of pain. It has to be what's doing the trick. Time will buying another pair.

United States
They are GREAT

For work I am often on my feet 12-14 hours a day. I had foot surgery 20 years ago and my feet have been hurting off and on since. I use these every night when I get in bed. I keep them on for 20-30 minutes and I can feel the relief. I would definitely buy again.

United Kingdom
  • What foot pain issue are you trying to improve? Plantar fasciitis and arthritis
Excellent customer service and a great product - thank you

I've been using the socks now for a couple of months and there has been a definite improvement in my long-term plantar fasciitis and arthritis - I play a lot of golf and can now walk 18 holes pain free. Yippee!

United States United States
  • What foot pain issue are you trying to improve? Signifcant Hammer Toe Tension
Happy Feet Would be so sweet!

I am not unhappy with the purchase, but they didn’t alleviate my issues as much as I had hoped. I experience some relief of tension, but trying to wear them overnight or for long periods of time is impossible. I wake up in so much pain, I have to immediately remove them after a few hours. That being said, I do not regret giving them a go. I purchased two pairs.

United States United States
  • What foot pain issue are you trying to improve? Relieve the pain of the toe next to the missing one. It’s curved under now compensating for the big toe loss.
Foot Alignment Socks

They work great on one foot. Other foot has great toe missing! I managed to make it with tho.

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