As little as 15 minutes a day helps to relieve foot pain

Only My-Happy Feet brings you this type of foot pain relief with The Original Foot Alignment Socks

Reduces foot pain, bunions
Relief for Plantar Fasciitis
Helps with Hammer Toe

Your customers count on you

Your customers count on you to help improve their health and well-being, which includes recommendations for pain relief. You only offer them high-performing products that are easy to use and affordable. That’s where we come in.

The Original Foot alignment socks were a personal project when our founder retired from her first career and wanted to spend more time playing tennis and doing yoga without foot pain. She knew about the yoga technique of spreading the toes out by placing your fingers between them. She figured that if a few minutes of stretching with your fingers was good, having a spacer between the toes for longer periods of time would be more beneficial. She created her prototypes and described them to friends who all wanted to try them. This led to a whole new company and a product that has helped hundreds of thousands around the world.

You can count on us

As a company, we believe in outstanding customer server and standing behind our product. When you do purchase from us, you can trust that you will be taken care of. If you do purchase one of our starter packages and find that the selection wasn’t right for your clients or for some reason they just didn’t sell, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Simply return any unsold socks and we will issue a refund for them or exchange for different colors or sizes, your choice. What do you have to lose?

with a product your clients will love

Our foot alignment socks are a comfortable cotton blend of 90% cotton, 7% acrylic and 3% elastane to provide a long lasting, sock that provides a gentle stretch to the toes. They are meant to be “after hours” socks for someone to wear when they have time to relax and put their feet up. They are not meant to be worn in shoes or while walking or exercising. We recommend that they start off slow and build up to longer wear times as their toes become accustomed to being stretched. We will sometimes get customers saying that they hurt when they wear them. As with any stretching routine, there may be a little discomfort when it is first begun but as the toes and feet relax, the socks become more and more comfortable to the point that we have many people that sleep in them. We do have instructions on the package showing that they should start off slow and with the dividers near the tips of the toes and then gradually work their way towards longer times and pushing the dividers further between the toes.  

Available in 10 colors and 5 sizes